Worldwide Tablet Shipments Decline 3.3% YoY Chromebook Shipments Down 48% YoY in 2022 IDC

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has issued the worldwide tablet and Chromebook shipments report for the Q4 2022 as well as for the entire year.

According to the report, the worldwide smartphone market shipped a total of 45.7 million units during the fourth quarter of 2022, growing 0.3% YoY. For the entire year, the market shipped 162.8 million units, declining 3.3% YoY, which ends two years of solid growth. Chromebooks on the other hand declined 24.3% YoY during Q4 2022 and 48% for the entire 2022 year.

Worldwide Tablet Shipments in 2022

To no one’s surprise, Apple led the tablet market in terms of devices shipped both during Q4, 2022 and also for the entire 2022 year. During Q4, 2022, Apple shipped 22.5 million units which calculates to a growth of 28.8%, and during the entire year, they shipped 61.8 million units, which calculates to a 7% YoY growth.

Wroldwide Tablet Shipments Q4 2022

Samsung came in 2nd place with 7.7 million units shipped in Q4 2022, and 30.3 million units shipped in 2022. Amazon took third place with 2.5 million units shipped during Q4 2022, and 16 million units shipped in 2022.

Next was Lenovo, shipping 11.6 million units in 2022, followed by HUAWEI, who shipped 9.1 million units in 2022. Lenovo in particular declined 34.6% YoY during the entire year of 2022.

Worldwide Chromebook Shipments in 2022

Regarding chromebooks, Acer led the market with 4.2 million units shipped and declining 33.8% YoY. Dell shipped 4.1 million units with a decline of 24.3%, and Lenovo followed them with 3.7 million units shipped and 54.4% YoY massive decline. HP came down to 4th place with a total shipment of 3.5 million units and a massive decline of 65.6% YoY in 2022.

Worldwide Chromebook shipments Q4 2022

The entire market saw declines across the board during Q4 2022. HP, who took the first spot, shipped 1.0 million units in Q4 2022, which is a growth of 116.7% YoY, followed by Acer, who shipped 0.7 million units and declining 43.4% YoY. Lenovo came in 3rd place with 0.5 million units shipped and declining 24.6% YoY.