Telegram Update Brings Profile Photo Maker Translating Entire Chats Emoji Categories And More

The popular chat application Telegram has been updated with new features such as Profile Photo Maker, Translating Entire Chats, Emoji Categories and more. Earlier, the firm introduced a Telegram update that brings Hidden Media, Profile Pictures for Your Contacts, and other new features as well.

Profile Picture Maker

Make your profile picture stand out with our Profile Picture Maker. Easily create unique profile pics using stickers or animated emojis for your accounts, groups, or channels. No need for Telegram Premium, everyone can use custom emojis for their pictures.

Translating Entire Chats

Premium members can now translate entire chats, groups, and channels in real-time by tapping the “Translate” bar at the top. The options menu allows you to hide the bar and control which languages are translated.

Emoji Categories

Emojis and stickers are now organized into categories like 👍 ❤️ or 💤 in the panel and when selecting reactions or statuses. Preview the emojis by holding them to zoom in before sending.

Network Usage

Track your Telegram data usage with detailed pie charts for Wi-Fi and mobile data. Easily adjust auto-download settings to match your data plan.

Auto-Save Incoming Media

Customize your automatic media saving to your gallery by size, type, and chat. Use exceptions to save only what you want.

Granular Media Permissions

Admins can control group members’ ability to send 9 different types of media, such as photos, voice messages, or videos. They can also disable text messages to create media-only groups.

Annual Premium Subscription

Save up to 40% on your Telegram Premium subscription by paying for a year in advance. Enjoy exclusive features.

Chat Selection for Bots

Bot developers can add special buttons to help users choose groups, channels, or individuals that fit predefined criteria.

Re-Login with Apple and Google ID

Quickly log back in without an SMS code using your Apple or Google ID. If 2-Step Verification is enabled, you’ll still need to enter your password.

New Custom Emoji

Get 10 new packs of custom emojis from Telegram artists, including several hundred icons specifically made for group and profile pictures.

New Interactive Emoji

This update includes new interactive versions of 🦄 🙊 💊 😘 💘 🙉. Use them in 1-on-1 chats, tap for full-screen effect for both participants. Also use them as reactions.


According to Telegram, their first update of the year includes 10 major features as a warm-up exercise. They also mentioned that they’re already busy working on the next update and didn’t take a break.

The above-mentioned features are now available in the latest Telegram update, which has already started rolling out to users globally and which also updates the latest version of the app to Telegram for Android v9.4.0.