Samsung Smart 2023 M8 and M7 Price And Specifications

Samsung Smart 2023 M8 and M7 UHD, M5 FHD monitors announced Price And Specifications

Samsung has unveiled its 2023 Smart Monitor collection, featuring the M8, M7, and M5 models (M80C, M70C, M50C) for the global markeets. These monitors provide users with customization options to suit their individual preferences while they engage in various activities like watching, gaming, and working.

Samsung’s 2023 Smart Monitor lineup offers a range of features and connectivity options. The monitors, including the M8, M7, and M5 models, come in 32-inch and 27-inch sizes. The M8 boasts UHD resolution and is available in attractive color options like Warm White, Daylight Blue, Sunset Pink, and Spring Green.

The M7, with UHD resolution, comes in Warm White, while the M5 offers Full HD resolution in Black or White. The Smart Monitor M8 has received upgrades, delivering impressive picture quality with 4K resolution, HDR 10+, and 400nit brightness. The M8 and M7 support color coverage up to 99% sRGB, making them ideal for content creators.

With a slim design and a herringbone pattern on the back, the M8 and M7 fit seamlessly into any space. They feature a height-adjustable stand and 90-degree screen rotation for versatile viewing.

The monitors offer Samsung Smart TV features, including the Gaming Hub and popular video streaming apps. They also function as a SmartThings Hub, allowing users to connect and control compatible devices. Built-in voice assistants, such as Bixby and Amazon Alexa, provide convenient voice control.

The monitors feature the My Contents feature, which displays helpful information when a registered smartphone is detected. They also offer Multi View for full-screen use of Microsoft 365 and the Browser app.

With wireless connectivity, users can connect Apple devices to view content on a larger screen. The addition of mouse and keyboard control enhances the user interface. The monitors come with multiple ports for easy connectivity and support charging, data transmission, and multi-screen setups.

Quick Specifications: Samsung Smart Monitors 2023 (M8, M7 and M5)

Pricing and availability

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 (M80C)

  • 32″ is priced at US$699.99 (Rs. 57,980 approx.).
  • 27” is priced at US$649.99 (Rs. 53,840 approx.).

Samsung Smart Monitor M7 (M70C)

  • 32” is priced at US$599.99 (Rs. 49,695 approx.).
  • 27” is priced at US$549.99 (Rs. 45,555 approx.).

Samsung Smart Monitor M5 (M50C)

  • 32” is priced at US$299.99 (Rs. 24,845 approx.).
  • 27” is priced at US$279.99 (Rs. 23,190 approx.).

These monitors will be released in June and will be available for purchase on as well as at select retailers across the country.

Commenting on the announcement, David Phelps, Vice President of Product Management, Samsung Electronics America, said:

We made the Smart Monitor with streaming TV three years ago. It was the best monitor for fun and work. Our 2023 Smart Monitors with streaming TV are still the best smart screens. They have new features and sizes to fit anywhere.