Samsung Galaxy Enhance X Photo Editing App Officially Launched

Samsung Galaxy Enhance X Photo Editing App Officially Launched

Samsung Galaxy Enhance X Photo Editing App Officially Launched

Samsung has announced the official release of the Enhance-X app for a wide range of premium Galaxy smartphones. Previously available in beta exclusively on the Galaxy S23 series, this image editing app can now be accessed by users through the Galaxy Store and brings professional-level editing capabilities right to your fingertips.

Powerful and Precise Editing Tools

Galaxy Enhance-X is powered by AI technology, providing users with comprehensive one-tap image enhancement and the flexibility to fine-tune specific features. Whether you want to eliminate unwanted shadows, correct lens distortion, or balance lighting in your shots, this app has got you covered.

One of the standout features of Galaxy Enhance-X is its Magic feature, which automatically refines visual noise, blurs, and low details with a single tap. This deep learning and AI-powered enhancement significantly improves image quality, instantly transforming mediocre photos into stunning masterpieces.

The app offers a range of tools for users to customize their images further. The HDR feature expands the dynamic range of an image, making the lighting richer and more vibrant without compromising quality. Additionally, the Upscale tool boosts the resolution of compressed images, resulting in sharper details.

Other functions like Fix Moiré and Remove Shadows allow users to smooth out patterns and eliminate unwanted shadows, resulting in bold and flawless images.

Restoring Old Memories

Galaxy Enhance-X goes beyond the present, catering to those cherished old photos. The Old Photo tool employs generative AI to restore and enhance aged or damaged pictures. It brings extra clarity while preserving important facial details, ensuring the resulting shot is a clearer and more accurate representation of the original.

Unleash Your Creativity

The app offers a range of features like Brighten, Fix Blur, Sharpen, Remove Reflection, and Fix Lens Distortion. Additionally, the Portrait and Face features optimize lighting and balance specifically for portrait shots, ensuring picture-perfect results.


Starting today, select Samsung premium smartphones users can experience the Galaxy Enhance-X app by downloading it via Samsung’s Galaxy Store.