Google’s SPACE INVADERS World Defense AR Game Released Android And iPhone

Google’s SPACE INVADERS World Defense AR Game Released Android And iPhone

In celebration of the 45th anniversary of the legendary game “SPACE INVADERS,” Google has joined forces with TAITO, the game’s developer, and Unit9 to transform the world into a gaming arena through the use of augmented reality (AR).

In a recent announcement, Google unveiled Geospatial Creator, a user-friendly tool that empowers developers, creators, and animators to craft and share captivating location-based AR experiences effortlessly. This tool eliminates the need for coding and integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Unity and Adobe Aero.


The mobile game that rallies players worldwide to safeguard our planet. Space Invaders emerge from buildings, rooftops, and the sky, requiring collaborative efforts from players across the globe to save Earth.

In this game, players embark on neighborhood explorations, encountering new Space Invaders and earning points by defeating them. As players progress, they can unlock special power-ups, compete with friends for the highest scores in their area, and share their achievements on social media through AR selfies.

Powered by Google’s ARCore and Geospatial API, the game utilizes the player’s immediate surroundings, including nearby structures, landscapes, and architectural features, to construct captivating AR levels in the real world and on the screen in 3D. The gameplay dynamically adapts to the player’s location, time, and even local weather conditions.

Starting today, the SPACE INVADERS: World Defense game is available for download on Android through the Google Play Store and on iOS through the App Store.

Commenting on the announcement, Stevan Silva, Senior Product Manager, said:

To commemorate the 45th anniversary of the video game ‘Space Invaders,’ Taito and Google have joined forces to develop a new immersive AR game that allows you to protect the Earth from your own neighborhood.