OPPO Announces Kaká as Brand Ambassador UEFA Champions League Partnership

OPPO announces Kaká as brand ambassador UEFA Champions League partnership

OPPO has announced Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite, better known as Kaká, as Global Brand Ambassador for its partnership with the UEFA Champions League.

Together with OPPO, Kaká will return to the Atatürk Olympic Stadium, where the Miracle of Istanbul in 2005 took place. Prior to the UEFA Champions League final, Kaka will visit Indonesia and China for a series of OPPO activities on June 3rd and June 6th, respectively.

Furthermore, he will engage with global fans and capture moments using Find N2 Flip and Find X6 Pro at the OPPO booth during the finale of the UEFA Champions League.

OPPO said that it is looking forward to celebrating the return of Kaká and the 2023 UEFA Champions League final in Istanbul with global fans.

Commenting on the partnership, Elvis Zhou, OPPO Overseas CMO, said:

We are thrilled to welcome Kaká as OPPO Global Brand Ambassador for the UEFA Champions League 2022-23 season. Partnering with a global sporting event of the caliber of the UEFA Champions League gives OPPO an unrivaled opportunity to share our mutual spirit of inspiration with audiences around the world. We believe miracles don’t just happen, they are made of expertise and perseverance.

With Kaká, the witness and creator of miracles, joining the OPPO squad this year, we will be better positioned to communicate and engage with our global fans while inspiring them to enjoy, experience, and share miracle moments from their favourite football matches.

Kaká added:

OPPO’s spirit of ‘Inspiration Ahead’ is the same spirit that lies at the heart of every athlete’s ambition to achieve greatness in the face of adversity. As a big technology fan, I’m excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with a global technology leader like OPPO to further connect and inspire football fans around the world during this year’s competition and witness more miracles together.