YouTube Rolls Out Multi Language Audio Tracks For Oreators

YouTube has launched multi-language audio tracks feature worldwide after testing it with select creators. YouTubers can now upload multiple audio tracks to a single video.

To promote this new capability, YouTube is enlisting the help of popular YouTuber MrBeast.

YouTube’s Multi-Language Audio Feature

The company said that YouTube’s multi-language audio feature enables creators to dub videos in different languages, which allows them to reach wider audiences and extend their reach worldwide.

In early tests, YouTube saw more than 3,500 multi-language videos uploaded in 40-plus languages, and creators testing multi-language dubbed videos saw more than 15% of their watch time coming from views in the video’s non-primary language.

MrBeast’s Testimony

With over 135 million subscribers worldwide, MrBeast has already dubbed his most popular videos in 11 languages and is aiming to bring more international viewers to his main channel. In a video interview, he stated, “It’s simpler for people in Mexico or India to understand, as all the dubs are in one place and on one video.”

Benefits for Creators

The multi-language audio feature allows creators to provide dubbed versions of their videos so that viewers can choose their preferred language. With this feature, it is much easier for creators to reach a broader audience than when creating language-based YouTube channels. YouTube reported that creators utilizing their feature experienced a 15% growth in watch time from non-primary language viewers.

How to access YouTube Multi Audio tracks?

Creators who are eligible can add different audio tracks to their videos and catalogs by using YouTube’s Subtitles Editor tool. To watch the video in another language, simply click on the settings and view the available audio tracks.

Content with multiple language tracks will default to the viewers’ preferred language. Additionally, users can search for multilingual content based on translated video titles and descriptions.


YouTube is rolling out its language audio tool for thousands of creators, though the exact number hasn’t been specified. This tool will give creators with a single language catalog the ability to upload multiple audio translations.

Speaking on the announcement, Ritz Campbell, Product Manager, said,

Whether it’s chess tutorials, a historical documentary on Rome, or a series of ghost hunting investigations in Italy, we can’t wait to see our creators continue to adopt this feature into their own content, and for our viewers to discover videos from international channels.