YouTube Music And Premium Surpass 80 Million Subscribers

As of September 2022, the total number of paid and trial YouTube Music and Premium subscribers have surpassed 80 million globally, Google announced today. This is up from 50 million a year ago.

This represents significant growth for the platform, and YouTube’s Lyor Cohen, Global Head of YouTube Music, exclaims, “We’ve reached this 80+ million milestone by building a subscription service with the music industry that puts fans FIRST.”

Lyor also acknowledges that collaborations with companies such as Samsung, carriers such as Vodafone (Europe), and Google services such as Google One were critical in assisting the platform in reaching this milestone.

YouTube Premium includes all of YouTube and YouTube Music, ad-free and playable on your mobile device or TV in the background or offline. By offering low-cost referral programmes, the company is aggressively encouraging users to subscribe to premium services.

If you wish to subscribe to YouTube Premium for a lower price, read this, which explains how an existing premium subscriber can refer you for an affordable rate of Rs. 10 for three months.