YouTube is Testing Video Queue For Android And iOS

YouTube is testing a new premium feature that lets you set up videos to watch next by adding videos to your queue while continuing to watch content. You can edit the order in which videos play, or remove videos from the Queue. This functionality already exists on the web.

The new Queue feature is different from ‘Watch Later’ later option that saves the videos to a separate playlist, since the video added to this queue won’t save after you’ve closed YouTube.

How to enable and use?

  • Go to Profile in the top right corner → Settings → Try new features →Enable Queue
  • To create a Queue, click on the 3 dot menu next to any video item and select “Play last in queue”
  • A Queue will be created, and will be accessible at the bottom of the page
  • On the Queue panel, you can drag to rearrange the order in which the videos will play or remove videos from the Queue
  • You can continue to add videos to the Queue as you watch


The new feature is available for YouTube Premium users on Android and iOS on both Mobile and tablets. Just update the app to the latest version, and you should see it. YouTube says that the experiment will be available till January 28th, so we can expect a wide roll out after that.