YouTube Gets Separate Tabs For Videos Shorts Live Videos

Following a new look and a number of new features that were delivered to users earlier this week, YouTube has started rolling out separate tabs for Live Videos, Shorts, and Videos today. According to YouTube, the move will make it simpler for viewers to find the types of material they are most interested in when discovering a creator’s channel page.

YouTube claims it made these changes because it listened to user feedback and is now making it easier for viewers to access the categories of videos they want to watch on the platform. This is likely to improve the number of views that YouTube Shorts receives as a result of the fact that consumers will no longer be immediately sent to the creator’s long-form material.

  • Shorts tab: You will be taken directly to this new tab to continue watching shorts when you are currently viewing shorts in the Shorts feed and navigate to a creator’s channel from the feed.
  • Live tab: All streams, whether they are scheduled, ongoing, or archived, can be found under this tab.
  • Videos tab: Long-form content will still be housed here.
    Furthermore, YouTube stated that in the future, Shorts and live streams will no longer be available in the Videos tab.


The new update is going live today. In the coming weeks, all platforms will have the new Shorts and Live tabs along with the traditional Videos tab.

Announcing the update, Meaghan-TeamYouTube, Community Manager, posted

Based on your feedback, we’re beginning to roll out separate tabs for Shorts, live streams, and long-form videos on all channel pages. We’ve heard that this will make it easier for viewers to discover the kinds of content they’re most interested in when exploring a creator’s channel page, so we’re excited to bring this to you all!