Xiaomi is Investigating Redmi 6A Explosion That Allegedly Killed A Woman

A YouTuber has claimed on social media on September 9th, 2022, that her aunt died when her Redmi 6A smartphone burst next to her on the bed while she was asleep, prompting Xiaomi to announce an investigation into the tragic event.

The YouTuber who goes by MD Talk YT claimed that her aunt in the Delhi-NCR area was dead from an apparent battery explosion and posted screenshots of the shattered phone and her aunt laying in a puddle of blood on the bed that night. In a subsequent tweet, he argued that brands have a responsibility to back causes they believe in.

Xiaomi tweeted back that they were reaching out to the affected family and looking into the matter. Xiaomi India emphasizes that customer safety is our top priority in their company description. They also added that they are attempting to make contact with the victim’s relatives in order to learn more about what happened.

“Her family is extremely humble. Her son is in the Indian Army. They don’t know much. She solely uses her phone for calling and YouTube. Now if brands don’t take responsibility for their actions and don’t take responsibility properly, if a family has to battle for justice, what’s the use,” he further stated.

We should know more details about the incident once the investigation is complete.