WhatsApp may introduce new drawing tools for images and videos Report

WhatsApp may introduce new drawing tools for images and videos Report

It looks like there are a lot of new features for WhatsApp. The messaging service has added new features to its drawing editor after installing the latest WhatsApp beta for the Android update. In a report published on WaBetaInfo, these features were noted after the update. The company plans to add a series of different pens that allow drawing on images and videos.

The report also states that WhatsApp is checking the blurring of images in the iOS version of the app and will also port the feature to Android. drawing tools are still in development, but we could see them in a new update soon.

WhatsApp new drawing tools coming soon?

WhatsApp is also planning to add new chat color bubbles, which will probably be available to users in a future update. but we’ll find out soon. Indeed, we also reported that WhatsApp had announced the release of voice message previews for Android and iOS. WhatsApp users can preview their voice recordings before sending them to a recipient. Users can record and listen to the voice clip with the new update. If the clip does not meet the user’s expectations, they can now reject the message and record it again. This new feature is available for Android, iOS, web, and desktop apps.

WhatsApp also decided to promote digital payments in 500 villages in Karnataka and Maharashtra. These will all be UPI payments. The ‘Digital Payments Utsav’ program was presented at WhatsApp’s annual ‘Fuel for India 2021’ event. The company set a goal of making digital payments easier for 500 million users, including those who do not live in major cities. WhatsApp has launched a pilot program which started on 15 October. In it, villagers were taught how to use digital payments, set up a UPI, and learn about digital payments.