Vi And Ericsson Complete Charging Consolidation Program India

Vi And Ericsson complete Charging consolidation program India

Ericsson has announced that it completed a charging consolidation program for Vodafone Idea, replacing three existing Online Charging Solutions (OCS) with Ericsson Charging as the single OCS solution across India.

The project was implemented through the pandemic and enabled migration and consolidation for over 300 million Vi subscribers capacity on Ericsson Charging system.

The sheer volume of subscribers migrated in this consolidation project makes it one of the largest global reference cases. With this solution implementation, Vi has consolidated all other OCS to Ericsson Charging.

The consolidated online charging solution with integrated data policy architecture enables faster product launches and better, more efficient ways of working.

With this, Vi now has a simplified prepaid charging stack, which brings uniformity of architecture in Charging and data Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF), customer experience, life cycle management, product modelling and configuration, features and functions.

The project successfully navigated risks and complexities across multivendor network integrations and IT integrations, enabling streamlining and rationalization of business configurations.

With a unified architecture and solution for integrated charging and data policy, the consolidated solution empowers Vi to launch new products faster with more efficiency as well as with the agility to meet the demands of today’s digital environment and future business needs more effectively.

The implemented solution provides a single system for offer creation and user communication, leading to simplified provisioning and consistency. The architecture setup not only simplifies Vi’s operations, but also enhances the end customer experience.

Jagbir Singh, CTO, Vodafone Idea Limited said:

This future proof and flexible solution will not only enhance customer experience but will also enable us to launch new products and services at a faster pace. In addition, this solution enables us to control credit while letting users control their costs through flexible packaging, bonuses and discounts.

Amarjeet Singh, Vice President, Sales, West India, Ericsson, said:

Ericsson’s end-to-end network and IT experience combined with our deep understanding of customer specific needs enables us to offer tailored solutions to Vi. These solutions enable Vi not only to capture and secure revenue streams but also take advantage of new digital business opportunities. Ericsson Charging will help Vi reduce its OPEX, create new advanced product offerings and superior customer experience.