Veira Group To Manufacture Android And Google TV in India With Technology Partner Skyworth

Veira Group has expanded its technological relationship with Skyworth, a top global technology company, in order to offer certified Android and Google TVs in India. With this partnership, Skyworth Group, which has the most technological resources, will help Veira develop the best and most affordable TVs in India by providing a technology solution for Android and Google TVs.

One of India’s few Android TV ODM/OEMs is Veira Group. Over 100,000 Android TVs have been made by the company for Indian brands. Veira will work with Skyworth Group on Android TV technology updates and cost optimization. India’s booming TV market will benefit from this agreement.


Skyworth TV

Skyworth TV pioneered the big-screen AI of Things (AIoT). Skyworth TV, one of the top three Android TV manufacturers worldwide, was founded in 1988. Skyworth TV invests substantially in R&D and creative technology solutions under its brand proposition “Lead the Future” to modernize the TV business and revolutionize smart home experiences.

SKYWORTH TV has five popular TV shows (WSQGA) for all types of customers, and its Swaiot technology works seamlessly with the full ecosystem of AIoT and compatible IoT devices, letting customers see, control, and manage all their smart home devices from their TV.

Veira Group just invested Rs. 200 crores in a new manufacturing unit. In their new manufacturing facility, the group has the potential to produce four million TV units as well as other products such as washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

This initiative will put Veira Group at the top of the television manufacturing business in North India. Veira also intends to make Android TV more inexpensive and widely available in India. To begin, the company will concentrate on Android 11 solutions before expanding to Google TVs in the future.

Sharan Maini, Director of Operations, Veira Group, said,

We believe in working with the best in the industry as we owe that to our partners. Skyworth has been working successfully in this field with growing reliability and innovations. We look forward to this partnership to continue bringing superior experiences to our users, making Smart TVs a delightful experience.

Android TV is one of the most stable and trusted OS in the country used by the largest TV brands today. With this development of Android TVs at Veira, we will be able to offer our customers much more India-focused, cost-effective, and faster turnaround in the manufacturing of LED TVs.