Vahbiz Dorabjee Opens Bold Scenes On OTT Shows Says A Person Cannot Watch Such Shows The Family

Vahbiz Dorabjee, who is known for shows like Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahani, Savitri, Saraswatichandra, and Bahu Hamari Rajnikant, has always been very choosy about her work and believes in doing multiple things. Vahbiz, who has been away from TV, recently opened up about her interest in doing a web show on OTT in the near future. However, the actress along with that, also shared her opinions on the unnecessary bold scenes in web shows.

Vahbiz Dorabjee opens up on bold scenes on OTT shows; says, “A person cannot watch such shows with the family”

Talking about expressing her desire towards doing OTT web shows, Vahbiz said, “I am open to any medium as long as I am getting creative satisfaction. But I definitely would love to do OTT. Also, I am looking for good projects on OTT shortly.” Along with that, the actress also spoke about unnecessary bold scenes in web shows these days. Putting forth her opinion on it, Vahbiz continued, “It could be a selling point because I feel it is going too bold. A person cannot watch such shows with the family as it turns out to be embarrassing. Also, if the story requires then its fine but when it’s done just to attract a huge audience then it’s not good from a creative aspect as well as for the family.”

Vahbiz added, “It depends on how aesthetically it is done. If it is necessary to the script then I might give a thought to it but there are many shows where these things are not necessary but even then, they have incorporated it just to seek attention which I feel is not appropriate. Also, there should be some censorship to look after such scenes in web shows.”

Further, speaking about her doing bold scenes, Vahbiz stated, “I wouldn’t be open to doing so much bold scenes but if it’s aesthetic and will be necessary for the script then I can give it a thought.”