Uber India Introduces Audio Seat Belt Reminder Feature

Uber has launched a new feature called “Audio Seat-belt Reminder” to improve its passengers’ in-car safety. This follows the company’s recent introduction of airport-friendly features.

The new technology-driven feature will remind passengers to buckle up their seat belts at the start of every trip, even if they are seated in the second row. This is said to be an industry-first feature that will improve safety.

When a rider enters the vehicle, the driver’s phone will play an audio reminder asking riders to wear seatbelts for their safety, and they will also receive an app notification.

Notably, Uber is testing out the use of a human voice and an in-app notification to remind riders for the first time in the Indian market. As a reminder, the company only uses a notification sound in other countries.


At the moment, Uber’s new safety feature is now available in Hyderabad. The company plans to add this feature to other cities as well in the coming months.

Commenting on the announcement, Sooraj Nair, Head of Safety Operations, Uber India and South Asia, said,

We believe that our work on safety never stops. We are delighted to bring the Audio Seatbelt Reminder to Hyderabad. We believe that this new feature will be an effective way to encourage riders to wear their seatbelts, and we are excited to see the positive impact it will have on road safety in Hyderabad.