Twitter Community Notes Crowdsourced Tweet Fact Checking Rolls Out Globally

Twitter has announced that it has started rolling out Community Notes, a feature that lets people on Twitter to collaboratively add helpful notes to Tweets that might be misleading. This was introduced last year as Birdwatch.

Twitter said that people around the world who want to have additional impact—including writing notes—can now sign up for the service here.

As there are important nuances in each market, Twitter said that it will expand the contributor base country-by-country. It also said that it will add contributors from a first new country soon.

As a Tweet author, if there is a note on your Tweet, and you disagree that a note provides important context about your Tweet, you can request additional review.

The company said that it doesn’t write, rate or moderate notes (unless they break the Twitter rules.)

Regarding this, Twitter said:

We believe giving people a voice to make these choices together is a fair and effective way to add information that helps people stay better informed.