Twitter Blue Subscribers Are Eetting Tweet Editing Feature

For the past month, Twitter has been doing internal testing on a feature that would allow users to edit tweets; as of today, that feature is available to the public. Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand users of Twitter Blue can already edit their tweets. The company has said that U.S. Twitter Blue users will be able to do the same “soon,” but it hasn’t said when.

How does Twitter’s Edit feature work?

  • First off, you must have a Twitter Blue subscription in order to edit their tweets.
  • Within 30 minutes of posting a tweet, users will have the option to edit it.
    Edited tweets will have an icon, a timestamp, as well as a label to let readers know they have been changed from the original tweet.
  • All users will be able to see the edit history for a tweet, which includes previous iterations of the message.
  • Subscribers to Twitter Blue can now use a feature that puts tweets on hold for up to a minute so that users can look at them and “undo” them before the post goes live.

The function appears to be a major draw for users to sign up for Twitter Blue, which costs $5 per month in the US and offers features like a reader mode for threads, ad-free reading for editorials from a variety of publications, 10-minute long video uploads, or a number of experimental features in the Twitter Blue Labs.

If you don’t know yet, remember that Twitter Blue isn’t ad-free like other premium services. Twitter Inc. says ads support its ability to develop as it grows a new division.


At the moment, editing tweets is only available in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand with a Twitter Blue subscription. There’s no expected date for the feature’s availability in the U.S. or other regions yet.