TweetDeck 2.0 Launched To Twitter Blue Exclusive

TweetDeck 2.0 Launched To Twitter Blue Exclusive

TweetDeck 2.0 Launched To Twitter Blue Exclusive

Twitter has announced the launch of its new version of TweetDeck to address recent issues. The company previously shut down the Mac app in June 2022, but the company had previously mentioned testing a new web app for TweetDeck in select regions.

As part of the changes implemented by Twitter’s CEO, Elon Musk, TweetDeck will become a Verified-only feature in 30 days, requiring a Twitter Blue subscription for access.

Musk has also made other significant changes, such as mandating user login to view tweets and limiting the number of daily tweets for unverified accounts.

While the new TweetDeck has been officially launched, it is still referred to as “TweetDeck Preview” within the app. Twitter assures a straightforward transition, with saved searches, lists, and columns carrying over instantly. The updated preview build also includes support for Twitter Spaces, polls, and previously missing features, but Teams functionality is currently unavailable.

Although Twitter has not officially announced the retirement of the old version of TweetDeck, a Twitter employee hinted at the change being permanent, stating that everyone would be migrated to the preview version.

According to Twitter Support, TweetDeck will become exclusive to Twitter Blue subscribers soon. Users are required to be verified in order to access TweetDeck after a period of 30 days.

The exact timing of this change is unclear, whether it will be applied to all users in early August or if users will have a 30-day trial of the new TweetDeck before being prompted to subscribe.

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