Truecaller Gets AI Powered SMS Fraud Protection

Truecaller has introduced SMS Fraud Protection powered by AI, which helps users fight back against scammers. The new update provides smart alerts to safeguard consumers from all kinds of scams and frauds that spread through SMS. The company recently launched Live Caller ID on iPhone with Siri Integration.

Truecaller AI-powered SMS Fraud Protection

Truecaller calls it ‘Fraud Protection’, which is a proactive measure that uses user feedback and their own machine learning technology to fight against fraudulent messages and senders effectively.

This can help people who may not be able to identify fraud and wrongly trust fake businesses. All Android users can access Fraud Protection, which smartly detects fraudulent senders and messages. Their system also learns to find new kinds of fraud, even without user reports.

Unlike normal spam, frauds and scams can be harmful. There are always new forms of fraud, often pretending to be real businesses. This can make victims lose their money in a moment.

Fraud Protection: Safeguarding You Against Scams and Fraud with Truecaller

Scams and fraud are pervasive in today’s digital world. An estimated 100 million people in India who use Truecaller have received at least one such message in the past three months. These scams can range from fake bills, job offers, bank frauds, KYC-related frauds, lottery scams, charity scams, and many other types.

To combat fraud, Truecaller is now offering Fraud Protection, which is available for free to all Truecaller users in India. The app will show a red alert with a clear mark when a user gets a fraudulent SMS and advise the user to avoid any action. This notification remains on the screen until it is manually dismissed.

All of the processing is done locally on device and Truecaller does not upload any messages. Truecaller blocks all links automatically if the user ignores the alert and views the fraudulent SMS. The SMS thread will only be accessible if the user explicitly marks the sender as safe, adding an additional layer of protection against fraud.

What Sets Fraud Protection Apart?

  • Fraud Intelligence: Truecaller has been analyzing fraud for years and has developed advanced artificial intelligence technology to predict and detect them.
  • Community Feedback: Truecaller has a community of 338 million users that provide daily feedback on SMS fraud.
  • Trusted Partnerships: Truecaller partners with government agencies and businesses to ensure safe and efficient communication. Legitimate senders are verified on Truecaller with a verified badge and prominent green color.
  • Scam Reporting: Businesses and various government agencies regularly send Truecaller scam reports, which further improve their fraud detection capabilities.


The SMS Fraud Protection is presently accessible to all Android users who use Truecaller as the default messaging app