Tiger Shroff’s Mom Ayesha Singh Makes Shocking Revelatio

Tiger Shroff’s mom Ayesha Singh makes shocking revelation his relationship with Disha Patani ‘They were…’

Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani’s breakup is still not digested by their fans, as they believed that they would end up getting married as they were just perfect together, but they parted ways, and today they are good friends and on cordial terms. Having said that, Tiger and Disha never came up and spoke about being in a relationship and always maintained the fact that they were just good friends. While now the Ganapath actor’s mom, Ayesha Shroff, has made the shocking revelation that Tiger and Disha never dated, they were best friends, and even now they are friends.

Well. Like they say, there is no smile without fire. During the breakup reports of Tiger and Disha, there were many entertainment portals that claimed that Disha was in one-sided love with Tiger while he considered her only his friend. Tiger and Disha made many public appearances, and after the news of their separation, they haven’t even been spotted together once. If they were just friends, then why have they stopped going on lunch and dinner dates together? Meanwhile, Disha is close to Tiger’s sister, Krishna Shroff, and they often end up going together at parties that grab a lot of eyeballs.

In one of the interviews, Jackie Shroff said that he would want his son to get married and settle down with Disha if they were actually in love, but today they have chosen different paths, and we wonder if they even do a movie together. Reacting to their separation rumours, Jackie had said, ” I have seen them go out together. Not that I keep track of my son’s love life [Laughs]. That’s the last thing I want to do, like infringe into their privacy. But I feel that they are thick buddies. They spend time with each other besides work”. Well, we wonder if ever Disha and Tiger will speak about their infamous relationship and breakup.