The Division Resurgence for Android and iOS preregistration

The Division Resurgence for Android and iOS pre-registration regional beta begin ahead of launch fall 2023

The Division Resurgence for Android and iOS preregistration

After closed Alpha tests, Ubisoft has opened pre-registrations for the The Division Resurgence and has also announced that it will start the regional beta testing for the game today, June 13th in Australia, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

The free-to-play, third-person shooter RPG mobile game from the Tom Clancy’s The Division franchise was announced last year. At that time, the company said that the game is a canon opus featuring a new storyline, different classes and challenging enemy factions.

The company has already started sending notifications from June 12th onwards to allow for a preload time before the regional beta starts later today, June 13th. Ubisoft said phones will need to have at least 8GB of free memory, and has listed the complete set of compatible devices.

Roadmap to launch

  • Phase 1 from June 13th to July 25th
  • Phase 2 from August 8th to September 19th
  • Launch in fall 2023

Pre-register to unlock rewards at launch

Those who pre-register on iOS and Android can an exclusive cosmetic outfit and gold weapon skin. If you have pre-registered for the game, logging in at launch later this year will grant you all the rewards that were collectively unlocked, said the company.

These will be available directly on the Ubisoft Connect account linked to the email used for pre-registration.