Strava Gets Spotify Integration With The latest Update

The Spotify widget now appears on the Strava “record screen”, allowing users to seamlessly plug into the motivation that gets them moving.

Strava, the popular fitness tracking app, has announced a new in-app integration with Spotify. This allows users to listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks while recording their activities on Strava.

By integrating with Spotify, users can now play, pause, resume, skip, and browse their playlists directly from the Strava record screen. To use this feature, a one-time link between both platforms will be required.

This new integration removes the need for free and Premium Spotify users to switch between apps and allows them to easily tap into the motivation that gets them moving, according to the company.

Meanwhile, to mark the momentous occasion, Spotify has decided to hand over control of its top-rated “Workout” playlists to Strava on April 20. Spotify users will be able to listen to Strava-curated sounds starting next week.


This new feature has started rolling out today and available for both free and Strava Summit subscribers. Please keep in mind that you will need a Spotify premium subscription to listen to ad-free music on the Strava app.

Regarding the announcement, Mateo Ortega, Strava’s Vice President of Connected Partnerships, said,

Over time, the consumption of music has evolved dramatically from CDs to streaming, which has opened the door for audio to inspire us in ways it couldn’t before.

We’re excited to partner with a global leader like Spotify to seamlessly integrate music and movement on the platform. This new feature further solidifies Strava’s position at the center of connected fitness and continues to demonstrate the power of the global community of active people on Strava.