Sony’s Next PlayStation 5 Could Have a Removable Disc Drive

Sony could launch a PlayStation 5 with a detachable disc drive, according to a new report. According to Tom Henderson’s dedicated website Insider Gaming, Sony may rebuild the console for fiscal year 2023, with the revised PlayStation 5 debuting in September 2024.

The new iteration will replace the A, B, and C chassis, say the report. The new version, dubbed the D chassis, would reportedly have a removable disc drive and a USB-C connection. The remainder of the system has essentially identical hardware.

Sony seeks to ship more upgraded consoles than its earlier A-C chassis versions. Insider Gaming’s sources say the corporation expects to produce 18.5 million new consoles in FY-2023 compared to 12 million older ones.

The PlayStation 5 has sold 21.4 million copies so far, making it the firm’s fastest-selling platform. Sony plans to boost production to fulfil holiday and consumer demand, since many gamers have had trouble getting a PlayStation 5 since its very release.

In recent times, Sony has updated its current console. In Australia, a lighter PlayStation 5 model was released, weighing 8.6 lb as opposed to 9.9 lb. The business proposes to boost the PS5’s price in select areas due to inflation and currency fluctuations that make sales unprofitable.

This comes after rising competition from Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, which have outsold the PlayStation 5 and all others in the field for the past three quarters.

The PlayStation 5 will be offered alone or with a removable disc drive. Gamers can buy a detachable disc drive if the original is destroyed. Sources claim that while the disc drive is portable, it doesn’t appear to be external. This might be a lighter PlayStation 5, as many users have asked.