Snapchat Brings Dual Camera Feature For iOS Users

Snapchat has released ‘Dual Camera’ feature that allows users to capture various viewpoints of their moment by using both the front and back cameras on their smartphone. The functionality was first teased at Snap Partner Summit 2022, and it is now available to iOS users. Snapchat also announced that this feature will be available on Android in the coming months.

To provide you with a choice of options, there are four setups for the Dual Camera feature: vertical, horizontal, picture in picture, and cutaway. You can also use Snapchat creative features like music, stickers, and lenses to enhance your snap or video.

To try out this new feature, update the app to the most recent version and launch Snapchat; you’ll notice a new icon in the camera toolbar. You may begin generating Snaps and Stories, as well as more professional Spotlight movies, with double the perspective with a single press.

Snapchat claims that the Dual Camera is a creative way for their community to capture exciting moments while being part of the memory — like rocking out at a music festival or everyday moments like your culinary adventures in the kitchen.