Shah Rukh Khan Jawan Pushed For A Mid September Release

Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan Pushed For A Mid September Release BREAKING SCOOP

Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan is the hottest topic of discussion in trade circles at this point in time. Every single investigative reporter is on the lookout for updates on Jawan as Shah Rukh Khan fans on social media have been constantly on the lookout for the new date update. The team on Friday morning had locked August 25 as the release date and was set to announce it on Friday evening. But it seems that Shah Rukh Khan has devised an altogether new plan now.

BREAKING SCOOP: Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan pushed for a mid-September release

The latest source informs us that Jawan has been delayed further and will now be a mid-September release. According to our source, Shah Rukh Khan has informed Atlee about his decision to bring the film in September 2023, to get a clear run till the release of Salaar.

The change of date was decided on Friday evening in order to maintain a proper gap between Jawan and Animal. “Shah Rukh Khan wants to come in a clear window and not be one of the many in the crowd. He is a lion by heart and wants things to be in his focus. He believes September will do justice to the release of Jawan