Samsung Starts Shipment Of First 3nm Chips

Samsung Starts Shipment Of First 3nm Chips

Last month, Samsung announced that it has started production of chip based on 3-nanometer (nm) manufacturing node using the Gate-All-Around (GAA) transistor architecture. Today, at an event in Korea, the company has announced that it has started shipping shipment of the first 3nm chip using the GAA Gate All Around technology at the V1 line (EUV only) at Hwaseong Campus.

The company said that the event was attended by about 100 people, including Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Changyang Lee, suppliers, fabless, Samsung Electronics DS division head, Kye Kyung-hyeon (CEO), and executives and employees, encouraging executives and employees who participated in 3nm GAA R&D and mass production.

Samsung Electronics’ Foundry Division is looking to strengthen its business competitiveness through mass production of the 3-nano GAA process and pre-emptive foundry technology, along with the confidence that ‘we will move forward with innovative technology to become the best in the world’.

Samsung said that it plans to expand the production of 3-nano GAA chips to the Pyeongtaek Campus in the future. TSMC is expected to start production of 3nm chips in Q4 2022.

Regarding the new milestone, Samsung Electronics’ DS division head Kye-hyung said:

Samsung Electronics has marked a milestone in the foundry business with this product mass production. Early development of GAA technology, which will be a new alternative when FinFET transistors reach their technological limits. It is an innovative result of creating something from nothing.