Samsung Internet 19.0 Beta Brings AI Powered Smart Anti Tracking

Samsung Internet, the firm’s proprietary browser, is getting a new beta update, Samsung Internet 19.0 beta. This update is mainly aimed at protecting users against online threats from trackers and makes, all thanks to new AI-powered functions and much more functionalities.

Privacy focused features

With the new Privacy Info feature in Samsung Internet 19.0 beta, users can quickly check how secure their connection to a website is, see how many trackers have been blocked, check for and delete cookies, and instantly allow or block permissions for location, camera, and microphone by simply tapping the Lock Icon in the address bar.

The AI-powered Smart anti-tracking functionality aims to detect and protect domains that collaborate with classified trackers. Additionally, improved lookalike phishing detection warns users when they unintentionally navigate to a fraudulent site using a similar URL.

Users are prevented from disclosing personal information to malicious actors as a result of this. Users can now see how well their privacy settings are working by looking at a chart that shows the number of ads blocked per day over the last week.

Other Improvements

Add-ons now work in Secret mode. However, these features can be turned on and off easily from the Add-ons menu, for greater control. With PC Chrome browser and Samsung users the ability to sync users’ bookmarks by using Samsung Internet’s Chrome Extension.

After the beta testing phase, Samsung Internet 19.0 is scheduled for a formal launch in Q4 2022. If you already use Samsung Internet, you will be notified as soon as the new version is accessible.