Samsung India launches Semi Automatic Washing Machines

Samsung India launches Semi Automatic Washing Machines

Samsung has refreshed its semi-automatic washing machine line-up with 2023 models in capacities of 8kg and 9kg. These washing machines feature a stylish glass door design with soft-closing toughened glass, Hexa Storm Pulsator technology for cleaner washing, and other features.

With the Magic Mixer option, you can Simply add water and detergent, and the Hexa Storm Pulsator will generate a powerful water current that thoroughly dissolves the detergent. As a result, the chance of residue remaining on clothes is reduced. Furthermore, the pores in the plastic base have been reduced in size (5mm) to prevent rodents from entering and inflicting damage.

The Magic Filter feature on washing machines collects lint, fluff, and particles from your laundry using a twin mesh. Emptying the filter is a snap thanks to its handy 180° opening. With the Magic Filter, you can say goodbye to unsightly speckles and hello to beautifully clean clothes.

The new Samsung washing machines also has four wheels for improved mobility, an auto-restart technology that resumes the washing process instantly after a power outage, and a non-corrosive and rust-proof plastic body.

Pricing and Availability

The new Samsung semi-automatic washing machine 2023 range is available in two color options: dark gray with an ebony black panel and dark gray with an eve flower wine panel. The pricing for the 8kg model is Rs. 15,000 and the 9kg model costs Rs. 18,000.

The new collection will be available on, Amazon, and Flipkart, as well as at all major retail outlets in India. Samsung is also offering up to 5% extra cashback. Buyers will also receive a 5-year motor guarantee and a 2-year complete product warranty.