Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Gets Enhanced Ambient Sound

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro gets enhanced Ambient Sound

Samsung already offers a powerful Ambient Sound feature in the Galaxy Buds2 Pro that can amplify nearby sounds by more than 20 decibels, based on your preference. On the Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Samsung has announced enhanced Ambient Sound feature for the earbuds.

The Ambient Sound feature uses the external microphones on your earbuds to let you hear outside noises, so you can still hear important sounds and keep alert of your surroundings – while still listening to music.

The new mode gets five levels of amplification from three levels for an improved audio fidelity that can be customized in Galaxy wearable app. As shown in the image, you can adjust the volumes on the left and the right separately and also customize the Ambient Sound tone range from soft to clear across five different stages.

Samsung said that it will continue to work to help each and every user experience the best possible audio anytime, anywhere with their Galaxy Buds2 Pro.


The enhanced Ambient Sound feature for the Galaxy Buds2 Pro users will be available through software updates gradually in coming weeks.