Samsung 990 PRO NVMe SSD With 7450MBs Read Speeds Announced

Today, Samsung Electronics America unveiled the 990 PRO, its high-performance PCIe 4.0-based NVMe SSD. The new SSD is built for powerful graphics games and other taxing operations like 3D renderings, 4K video editing, or data analysis. It offers lightening-fast speeds and greater power efficiency. Recently, the Samsung T7 Shield rugged portable SSD was launched in India.


Samsung 990 PRO series NVMe SSD

With Samsung’s newest V-NAND and a new custom controller, the 990 PRO series has about the fastest PCIe 4.0 speed.

  • The SSD can read 7,450 MB/s and write 6,900 MB/s sequentially.
  • Offers random read and write speeds are 1,400K and 1,550K IOPS.
  • The 990 PRO’s random performance is 55% better than the 980 PRO, making it ideal for gaming, creativity, and productivity.

High-performance NVMe SSDs are crucial for the latest game consoles and gaming technology. Powered by NVMe, the 990 PRO improves PC and console gaming loading times. When tested with Forspoken, Luminous Productions’ upcoming action RPG, the map loading time was one second, compared to four seconds for a SATA SSD and 28 seconds for a hard drive (HDD).


Power Efficiency and Thermal Control

Samsung’s new controller improves the SSD’s power efficiency by 50% compared to the 980 PRO. The 990 PRO’s nickel-coated controller and heat spreader label ensure effective thermal management. Samsung’s Dynamic Thermal Guard protects the drive’s ideal temperature.

The 990 PRO with Heatsink incorporates thermal control and RGB lighting for aesthetics. Samsung’s 990 PRO Heatsink enhances cooling and minimizes overheating. Samsung’s 990 PRO is a great update for laptops, desktops, and build-your-own PCs. It boosts speed while consuming less power, improving battery life and thermal management.


Pricing and availability

Starting in October, the 990 PRO and 990 PRO with heatsink will be offered for $179 (Rs. 14,275 approx.) for the 1TB model and $309 (Rs. 24,645 approx.) for the 2TB variant. Additionally, in 2023, a 4TB capacity version will be made accessible.

Speaking on the announcement, Jose Hernandez, Senior Director of Memory Product Marketing at Samsung, said,

Consumers demand high-performance and high-capacity storage for PC and console games, 4K and 8K content, and other heavy data workloads. Using Samsung’s proprietary V-NAND and controller, the 990 PRO provides speed, power efficiency, and reliability for gaming sessions and creative outlets alike.