Ram Charan Wide Smile Upasana Kamineni Happiness

Ram Charan Wide Smile Upasana Kamineni Happiness While Going For Delivery of Mega Princess Are UNMISSABLE

Ram Charan Wide Smile Upasana Kamineni Happiness

Ram Charan and Upasana Kamineni welcomed a baby girl about 5 days ago. The two of them have welcomed a baby girl. Upasana and Ram Charan had previously decided to have a baby only after they are well settled in their lives. And the happy moment arrived in their lives about 5 days ago. The two love birds who have been married for more than a decade welcomed a girl, who is right now known as Mega Princess. A video just as Upasana was being taken to the delivery room is going viral right now. And it is UNMISSABLE.

Ram Charan is all smiles, Upasana cannot contain her happiness as she is about to enter the delivery room
Upasana Kamineni and Ram Charan have finally embraced parenthood now. They are proud parents of a baby girl. A video when Upasana was going into the labour room is going viral in entertainment news. Meha Patel, a friend of Ram Charan and Upasana has shared a video. Upasana is dressed in her labour outfits. She is being wheeled into the labour room by the hospital staff. Upasana is surrounded by her loved ones. Ram Charan seems too excited and is seen walking ahead. When Meha calls him, he turns and his smile is unmissable towards the end.

Watch the video of Ram Charan and Upasana before Mega Princess arrived here:

Upasana Kamineni shared the video on her Instagram stories and recollected the most precious moment of her life. “5 days ago. Happiest moment of our lives! Surrounded by soooo0 much love,” she wrote and dropped a red heart emoticon alongside it. Upasana calls all the people around her laughing gas. Meha called Upasana ‘happie pill’ in the caption of the video.

The name Mega Princess has been given to the newborn baby girl by her grandfather, the megastar Chiranjeevi. The grandfather is on cloud nine as is the rest of the family. Ram Charan and Upasana decided to freeze eggs right after the two of them tied the knot. Upasana and Ram Charan were very clear that they did not want to conform to the societal pressure of having kids right away. And Upasana is quite proud of this fact. It still feels surreal that the couple who had announced their pregnancy some time ago have now embraced parenthood already.