OPPO Find N2 Flip Gets Spotify Cover Screen Widget Speech To Text Quick Reply

OPPO has started the global rollout of a major software update for its first flip phone, the Find N2 Flip, adding enhanced functionality to its cover display. The update enriches user experience for Spotify, WhatsApp, Messenger, Messages by Google, Telegram and LINE messaging apps.

OPPO and Spotify have collaborated to develop a new Spotify Widget exclusively for the Find N2 Flip, taking advantage of the flip phone’s large cover screen.

With this widget, users can easily control playback, access content suggestions, and interact with the heart button, all without having to open their device.

Speech-to-Text quick reply feature

Additionally, the Find N2 Flip now features a Speech-to-Text quick reply feature that can be used through the cover screen when users receive messages.

This feature is supported by popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Messages by Google, Telegram, and LINE, and it also supports multiple languages, including English, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Tamil.

The Speech-to-Text feature will update automatically, and users can also manually add the Spotify widget through the screen widgets settings under “Pocket Player” for a more personalized experience.

This update marks the first major update for the Find N2 Flip since its global launch in February 2023 and reflects OPPO’s commitment to ongoing device improvements.


These features are available with the A.24 ColorOS update for the OPPO Find N2 Flip that have already started rolling out from mid-April.

Speaking on the announcement, Peter Dohyung Lee, Head of the Flagship Product Line at OPPO, said:

This update shows OPPO’s dedication to the best experience for Find N2 Flip owners, allowing more flexibility for self-expression and creativity when using the top 3.26-inch cover screen.

Partnering directly with Spotify is the kind of developer collaboration that helps users enjoy the Find N2 Flip’s portable design, best displays, and custom personalization options. We are excited for updates for more popular apps later this year.