Opera Adds Free VPN Service To Opera Browser For iOS

Opera has just announced that its free VPN service will now be available on Opera Browser for iOS. This feature was added to Android browser back in 2019.

Opera Introduces Free Built-in VPN on iOS

Opera has expanded its free VPN service to Opera Browser for iOS, making it the first browser company to offer a built-in VPN across all major platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

In an era where online privacy is increasingly challenging, Opera’s VPN service helps protect users’ identity and activity while browsing the internet privately, keeping personal information safe from data collection and potential attacks on unsecured networks.

Easy-to-Use VPN with No-Logs Policy

Opera’s VPN service on iOS requires no subscription, account login, or additional extensions. Users can simply toggle a switch in the main menu to enable the VPN, which encrypts traffic and keeps IP addresses private.

The service operates on a strict no-logs policy, ensuring that no personal data or browsing history is collected, maintaining anonymity. With fast and secure access to virtual locations worldwide, users can enjoy a private browsing experience.

Additional Upgrades to Opera Browser for iOS

Along with the introduction of the free VPN service, Opera Browser for iOS also includes additional upgrades. A Bookmarks feature allows users to better organize their online lives, and combined with Speed Dial, users have quick access to important sites.

For football fans, a new Live score feature displays matches on the browser’s homepage, providing updates on upcoming, in-progress, and completed matches worldwide.

The Opera Browser for iOS provides convenient browsing along with features such as a built-in ad blocker for faster loading times and protection against unwanted ads.

It also includes Apple Intelligent Tracking Prevention to block tracking cookies, and Opera’s Cryptojacking Protection to safeguard against device resource hijacking for crypto mining. The addition of the free VPN service enhances the overall security of the browser, protecting users as they browse the internet.


Opera’s free browser VPN service to Opera Browser for iOS, currently available to some users for early access, with a full rollout expected to be completed in the coming weeks.

Users can start using the free VPN by downloading the Opera Browser for iOS from Apple Store and enabling the VPN in the app.

Commenting on the announcement, Jørgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at Opera, said:

We have always stood out for our unique features. Now we are the first browser company to offer a free built-in VPN on all major platforms. We care about giving users a secure browsing experience and we have worked hard to develop this feature over the years. We are thrilled to provide this essential tool to iOS users to protect their online safety and privacy.