Thursday , July 25 2024

Nysa Devgn Turns 20 Ajay Devgn Calls Her Father’s Pride Kajol in Awe of Her Baby Girl Who All Grown Up Now

Nysa Devgn is celebrating her 20th birthday today, and the little big girl has got all the lovely wishes from her superstar parents Ajay Devgn and Kajol on social media. Ajay immensely loves Nysa as she is their firstborn, and taking to Instagram, he wished his darling daughter a very happy birthday by calling her his pride. Kajol seems to be more of Nysa’s best buddy than a mother, and her birthday wish as emotional and funky for her. Kajol shared the quirky pictures of them from the NMACC event and wrote, “This is us and our story always. Love your sense of humour and ur mind and your oh so very sweet heart.. love you to bits baby girl and may you always smile laugh and snark with me forever!”.

Nysa is the star already, all thanks to her being the kid of her superstar parents. The girl is a sensation on the internet and has a huge fan following on social media; there are several fan pages of Nysa that are showering all the love on the girl on her 20th birthday. Nysa is the most popular star kid among all; after Suhana Khan, there is a huge craze for her, and there are reports that even she might make her Bollywood debut soon. However, till now, Ajay and Kajol haven’t said anything concrete about it, but they have always maintained that they will happily support Nysa in her career choice.

Nysa Devgn’s transformation often leaves fans stunned; she has grown up into a diva, and she works hard and is extremely disciplined to look like this. In one of the interactions, Kajol revealed about Nysa’s diet plan and how she is very stuck with her workout and diet regime, hence the transformation for her is not at all shocking. Nysa is the happiest star kid, and we have often seen her oblige the cameras that are 24/7 on her when she steps out in the city. Happy birthday, Nysa! Can’t wait for you to shine on the big screen.

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