Nokia Smartphones Won’t Feature Pure Design System

At the MWC Barcelona 2023, Nokia unveiled a new company and technology strategy, along with a refreshed brand that included a logo redesign. The announcement of the Nokia Pure design has sparked hope among die-hard fans, who were eager to see a new design for Nokia smartphones. However, reports suggest that the Nokia Pure design may not be coming to Nokia smartphones.

Nokia Pure

Nokia Pure is the latest design system update, which creates consistent, flexible, and future-proof digital products. It consists of foundational elements, components, templates, and guidelines to produce, clean, and minimal new brand expression for Nokia B2B and Enterprise digital products in line with the new brand expression.

Nokia smartphones won’t use Nokia Pure design

Nokia smartphones will not be utilizing the Nokia Pure design. Despite Nokia Pure being developed for all software UI, Nokia has not officially announced any plans to incorporate it into their smartphones.

The company has already revealed that future products will feature a new logo, while licensed consumer products will continue to use the old Nokia logo, which is more commonly associated with smartphones and accessories.

The Nokia Pure website has also removed most of its content, leading to speculation about the company’s plans for the design.

According to statement by HMD Global,

Nokia smartphones will not be adapting the recently announced Nokia Pure design. The classic Nokia brand has an incredible history in mobile phones. Our Nokia phones continue the great momentum associated with the classic Nokia logo. We are proudly building and innovating on this heritage.