Microsoft Integrates Bing Chat AI Into SwiftKey For Android

Microsoft’s Bing chatbot is now accessible through SwiftKey on Android devices. This feature lets users chat with Bing on any app that uses SwiftKey, helping them to improve their text or find what they need online.

SwiftKey Beta users can now access Microsoft’s Bing chatbot with a single tap in any app, thanks to a new integration that rolled out on Wednesday.

The integration features a chat mode that grants users chatbot access and a tone mode that enables rewriting of any text directly from the keyboard. With this integration, using the Bing mobile app to access the chatbot is redundant, given that SwiftKey users can now do so with ease in any app.

Microsoft’s CTO of mobile and commerce, Pedram Rezaei, confirmed the news via Twitter. Microsoft discontinued SwiftKey support for iOS last year, but the app returned to the App Store later. The company promised to invest heavily in the keyboard, even as it prepared to launch an AI-powered version of Bing.

The Bing integration will likely appear on the iPhone soon, given Microsoft’s AI push, as the iOS version of SwiftKey has not been updated regularly. It’s possible that the company is taking action to compete with other iOS AI-powered keyboards that offer ChatGPT integration.


The feature is slowly rolling out for Android devices in beta. There’s no information on when SwiftKey iOS users can expect it.