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Meta Verified Subscription Available in India for Rs 699 Per Month

Meta Verified subscription available in India for Rs 699 per month

Meta Verified subscription available in India for Rs 699 per month

Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, has announced the expansion of its Meta Verified program to India. The decision comes after positive results from earlier testing conducted in various countries worldwide.

Meta Verified: Empowering Up-and-Coming Creators

In February, Meta introduced a new offering called Meta Verified, aimed at assisting aspiring creators in accelerating their growth on Instagram and Facebook. This subscription bundle includes a verified badge that verifies the authenticity of the account using a government ID, proactive protection against impersonation, and access to account support.

Refining Meta Verified Based on Feedback

Following the initial testing phase in Australia and New Zealand, Meta made adjustments to the Meta Verified program based on valuable insights gained. Notably, the feature of increased reach for additional test countries was removed, and this approach will continue in India as well.

Meta is actively exploring new elements to add to the subscription as it expands to more locations, with plans to share further details in due course.

Unlocking Access to Verification and Account Support

Meta acknowledges that creators often request broader access to verification and account support. With this in mind, the company has been contemplating ways to provide access to these features through a paid offering since last year.

By opting for Meta Verified in India, users will gain the following advantages:

  • Verified Badge: A verified badge will be provided to confirm the authenticity of the account, which has undergone government ID authentication.
  • Enhanced Account Protection: Proactive account monitoring will safeguard users against impersonators targeting individuals with growing online audiences.
  • Account Support: Assistance will be available for common account issues. Currently, support is offered in English only, but Hindi language support will be added in the coming months.

Verified Badges for Pre-existing Verified Accounts Retained

Meta Verified does not affect the verified badges of existing accounts. These accounts underwent a rigorous verification process and are at a higher risk of impersonation. By maintaining the verified badge, Meta aims to protect these accounts and the people who engage with them.

Meta says that Creating a valuable subscription service for creators, businesses, and the community is Meta’s long-term vision. To achieve this, they are redefining the meaning of verified accounts, expanding access to verification, and fostering trust in the authenticity of interactions.

Meta’s Commitment to Account Safety and Identity Verification

Ensuring safety and identity verification, Meta has implemented checks throughout the Meta Verified application process. Eligibility criteria include meeting activity requirements and providing a government ID that matches the account’s profile name and photo. Meta Verified subscriptions let you monitor and detect fake accounts using your identity.

Meta remains committed to continuous monitoring, reviewing reported violations, and taking swift action against those who try to evade their systems. This commitment helps create a safer environment for users and promotes trust in the platform.

Pricing and availability

Meta Verified is now available for direct purchase on Instagram and Facebook in India. The rollout begins today, and eligible users can purchase a monthly subscription for Rs. 699 on iOS and Android. Meta also plans to introduce a web purchase option for Rs. 599 per month in the upcoming months.

Meta also mentioned, Meta Verified is now available in the UK, Canada, along with India from today, and it’s coming soon to Brazil. However, businesses cannot apply for Meta Verified right now.

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