Meta Introduces New Tools To Help Facebook And Instagram Creators Earn

Meta has announced a new feature for creators to create their own NFTs (or digital collectibles) and sell them to followers and collectors on and off Instagram today. Also announced are new tools for creators to build businesses on Facebook and Instagram.

Updates to Digital Collectibles

The company has added support for the Solana blockchain and the Phantom wallet to the list of blockchains and wallets it works with. It has also made Instagram digital collectibles compatible with videos. Finally, Instagram will display collection names and descriptions for OpenSea-enriched collections.

  • Creators will soon be able to create and sell their own digital artefacts on Instagram, both on and off the platform. They will have everything they need, from making things on the Polygon blockchain to showing them off and selling them.
  • People may simply support their favourite creators by purchasing digital collectibles straight from Instagram. We’re starting with a small group of creators in the United States and want to extend to more nations soon.

Audience Support for Creators

Meta is making it easier for users to express their gratitude to their favourite creators across our applications, which helps creators develop their communities and grow their businesses. Earlier, Meta added reels and more new features to Facebook Groups.

Subscriptions on Instagram

The company is increasing access to Instagram subscriptions for all eligible creators in the United States, allowing more creators to make consistent money and connect more closely with their most engaged followers. Subscriptions allow authors to get even closer to their most devoted fans.

Stars and Gifts

Instagram automatically enables Stars on public creator content, including Reels, making Stars easier to find on Facebook. This means Facebook users can learn about and use Stars in more places. We’re testing with a few creators worldwide.

New features will make earning Stars and interacting with Star senders easier for authors using Stars:

  • Bringing Stars Party to Reels: If the creator succeeds in their challenge, the Stars community will celebrate with a Stars Party.
  • New set of virtual gifts tailored to specific content: Users can send a present with a dog theme to your favourite pet creator, for instance, if you’re watching a puppy reel from them.
  • Giving creators more tools to engage with Stars senders: Similar to creating a filter in Comments Manager to show all stars comments made by a creator in one location. Creators will be able to respond to several comments at once on this surface.
  • Adding stars to publicly accessible, non-video content like images and text posts


Gifts on Instagram, starting with Reels

To give creators a new method to get paid by Reels admirers on Instagram, Meta introduced presents, starting with Reels. Fans can send gifts on Reels by purchasing stars on Instagram to show support for their favourite producers. The firm is piloting this with a select set of US creators right now, and we intend to shortly include additional creators.

Professional Mode for Facebook Profiles

Facebook profiles now have access to “professional mode,” a new profile setting that enables creators all over the world to have a public presence while still enjoying a personal Facebook experience.

A set of tools and chances are available in professional mode for creators and anyone else who wants to start creating, allowing them to start building a worldwide community from their own profile.

With professional mode, authors can be qualified to get payment through Stars, in-stream advertisements, Facebook Reels, and Reels Play. They will have access to metrics about the content and the audience, as well as instructional resources and more.

Announcing the features, Meta said,

At Meta, we’re building products to help creators reach an audience, grow their communities and earn a living. During Creator Week 2022, we’re inviting creators around the world to join us in growing their careers, connecting with peers and building a future together.