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Met Gala 2023 Not Priyanka Chopra Deepika Padukone Netizens Feel THIS Indian Celeb Has The Potential To Truly Smash

Everyone is looking forward to the Met Gala 2023. The event will happen on May 1, 2023. This time, the desi representation is supposed to be the highest. Top Bollywood actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt are supposed to be there. While Priyanka and Alia are confirmed, there is a bit of doubt on the participation of Deepika Padukone. And we will have socialites like Isha Ambani and Natasha Poonawalla. The latter who is the better half of Adar Poonawalla had caught the eye of everyone with her golden outfit two years back. Deepika Padukone wore a Barbie outfit which many felt did not meet the camp theme of the Met Gala. Priyanka Chopra had served an unforgettable look with that snow queen look.

A discussion on this has been happening on Reddit. Many fans felt that Priyanka Chopra would the head turner. She has done it in the past. Also, she is busy promoting Citadel. Fans have loved her looks for the promotions of the big budget spy thriller made by the Russo Brothers. Take a look at the post

A netizen commented, “Priyanka has been killing it in the Citadel promotions lately. I have high hopes from her outfit, just need the hair and makeup to be on point. Deepika is gonna play it safe as always. It will look nice, but won’t be talked about.” But one fan wrote that this Indian celeb deserves a place in the Met Gala. It was none other than desi fashionista and DIY specialist Urfi Javed. They felt she would have hit it out of the park.


A fan felt that Urfi Javed would have killed the camp theme of the event. The person wrote, “Uncommon/Unpopular opinion: Urfi is camp and could have pulled off Met Gala 2019 for that reason. (Urfi is very creative but struggles with the execution of an idea. She needs an atelier and PR team that can support her appropriately. There are couture brands that have embraced bold, eccentric, camp style in the past).” Another person endorsed the idea and wrote, “She is most definitely camp. I would have loved to see what she would have worn, if she could have attended the event. She would have smashed it.”


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