Mahindra Partners With Qualcomm For The All New Scorpio-N

Mahindra Partners With Qualcomm For The All New Scorpio-N

Mahindra and Qualcomm are working together to improve the electronics inside the Scorpio N in the near future. As part of the deal, Qualcomm and Visteon Corporation, which makes electronics for cars, will work together. The two will add new features to Mahindra’s third-generation Snapdragon Cockpit platform for the Scorpio N, which will be released soon. The above said platform will aid in high levels of computing as well as intelligence for features that are new and better, especially in terms of security.

The Scorpio-N comes standard with a colour driver’s screen display that measures 17.78 (cm) and an entertainment system that measures 20.32 (cm) and includes navigation. The ‘Snapdragon Digital Chassis’ from Qualcomm is a complete package of cloud-connected platforms for telematics, digital cockpit solutions, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)/autonomous driving, cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X), and car-to-cloud solutions. These technologies are offered to customers as part of Qualcomm’s suite of innovative automobile technologies.

It also makes it easier to keep an eye on the driver and find objects, and it works to keep the driver and vehicle data safe. The manufacturer says that the 3rd Generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms also come with an updated set of wireless technologies that support multi-mode cellular connectivity, Wi-Fi 6, and better Bluetooth connectivity and also provide ultra-HD digital support, including comprehensive audio and visual experiences.

The third-generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms are made to handle higher levels of computation and intelligence needed for cutting-edge features in next-generation vehicles. This helps develop use cases for contextual safety for both vehicle occupants.

Qualcomm said that Mahindra’s linked artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which uses Visteon’s SmartCore cockpit domain controller technologies based on the Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms, gives the Scorpio-N a state-of-the-art driving and ownership experience.

Uday Dodla, Senior Director, Business Development, Qualcomm India Private Limited, said,

The consumer of today expects and demands that connected, intelligent and smart technologies play a greater role in the automotive experience. We are applying over two decades of auto expertise to transform the Scorpio-N into a digitally advanced and feature-rich SUV. This underscores each of our companies’ commitment to enable premium automotive experiences for next generation vehicles, which originated with the highly successful XUV700.

Commenting on the relationship, R. Velusamy, President, Automotive Technology and Product Development, M&M Ltd., said,

With the tough yet sophisticated Scorpio-N, we have re-engineered our iconic Scorpio brand from the ground-up to meet the aspirations of the young and tech-savvy customers. Qualcomm Technologies was identified as the partner of choice to bring alive our vision of delivering state-of-the-art product through a truly pathbreaking experience to our customers. Using the advanced capabilities of the Snapdragon Automotive technologies integrated in our SUVs, we are reimagining the standard for an intelligently connected vehicle and delivering a safer and engaging driving experience.