LG Tone Free T90 And T60 Free Fit TF7 And TF8 With ANC Announced

LG Tone Free T90 And T60 Free Fit TF7 And TF8 With ANC Announced

LG Electronics (LG) today announced the new TONE Free true wireless earbuds 2022 line up, which provides the best sound experience possible through advanced audio technologies, a more comfortable design, and a slew of useful new features. Earlier, LG Tone Free FP3, FP5 and FP9 TWS earbuds with ANC were launched in India.


LG TONE Free T90

The top-of-the-line TONE Free earbuds, the T90, sound great thanks to upgrades like bigger drivers that make deeper, more satisfying bass. Graphene reduces vibrations and improves sound quality, so the T90s can make sound that is dynamic, balanced, and sharp. It has an enlarged driver size (8Φ→11Φ), which produces deeper bass with more power.

LG’s T90 earbuds use Meridian Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP), a technology from LG’s sound partner Meridian Audio. With HSP, the earbuds deliver a full, more natural sound stage with a clear centre image, making it feel like you’re listening to a stereo system. Meridian’s Perfect Balance technology maintains tonal balance at any volume.

LG’s T90 TONE Free Dolby Atmos earbuds let you use Dolby Head Tracking with all content and devices. Dolby Head Tracking recalibrates the sound when users move their heads for a more natural sound experience, so they’ll feel like they’re in the centre of the scene when listening to music, viewing movies, streaming shows, or playing video games. The T90s are the first wireless earbuds with a Dolby audio virtualizer made for earbuds. This expands the stereo spatial dimension.

In addition, it features a Voice Pickup Unit (VPU) and an IMU Sensor. It offers up to 9 hours of play time on your buds and up to 27 hours of play time with the charging case. It supports wireless charging as well. The T90s come with the Snapdragon Sound Technology Suite, so users can experience wired-like sound quality. Also, the company’s high-end wireless earbuds have a Double Step ANC Algorithm and a Real Time ANC Optimizer that make Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) work better.


LG TONE Free T60

The LG TONE T60 Free is one of the best materials for wireless earbuds because of its lightweight design (just 5.5g), which keeps your ears comfy. Graphene is used to provide crisper mid-high frequencies. It offers Meridian technology-based natural and spatial sound.

These wireless earbuds include an improved ANC structure and a real-time ANC optimizer that detect ambient noise and eliminate it more successfully to keep your music clear. Additionally, the larger driver size (8Φ→11Φ) produces stronger, fuller bass. Also, it has The UV nano charging case’s UV lights sanitize your wireless earphones every time you use it. Your headphones have 9 hours of playtime and 20 hours in the cradle. 29 hours on one charge. Settings and control are easy with TONE Free. Customize ANC, EQ, and battery life with widgets.

LG TONE Free Fit: TF7 and TF8

Designed for active lifestyles, offering a secure and comfortable fit for active occasions ranging from brisk gym workouts to running and mountain riding. Both models include lightweight designs that improve airflow and SwivelGrip technology, which keeps the earbuds firmly and comfortably in place even during the most strenuous exercises.

In addition, TONE Free fit versions have Meridian HSP technology, strong ANC performance, clear spatial sound, and the advantages of medical-grade, hypoallergenic ear gels and LG’s UV nano charging case for improved hygiene.

The TF7 and TF8 are IP67 rated, making it easier to run or exercise without worrying because they are resistant to rain, splashes, sweat, and dust. The battery life of TONE Free fit models is 10 hours (up to a total of 30 hours with the charging case). The TF8 earbuds can connect to older, Bluetooth-less treadmill displays using LG’s ground-breaking Plug & Wireless technology for more pleasurable gym sessions.

Pricing and availability

  • LG TONE Free T90 in White – $229.99 (Rs. 18,285 approx.) / 279,000 won (Rs. 17,005 approx.)
  • LG TONE Free T60 in Black – $200 (Rs. 15,900 approx.) / 189,000 won (Rs. 11,520 approx.)
  • LG TONE Free Fit TF8 $199.99 (Rs. 15,821 approx.)
  • LG TONE Free Fit TF7 $183.99 (Rs. 14,549 approx.) / 229,000 won (Rs. 13,955 approx.)

The company said that starting at the end of August 2022, consumers will be able to purchase the most recent LG 2022 TONE Free true wireless earbuds in global markets.