Lexus India Launches New App Seamless Vehicle Connectivity

Lexus India Launches New App Seamless Vehicle Connectivity

Lexus India Launches New App Seamless Vehicle Connectivity

Lexus India has introduced the ‘Lexus India’ App, a comprehensive platform designed to offer integrated and seamless services to Lexus owners in India.

The launch of the ‘Lexus India’ app coincides with the debut of the all-new Lexus RX, the first fully connected vehicle from Lexus in India. This makes Lexus India the pioneer in Asia to offer a connected app for its guests.

Lexus India App

The all-new app provides exceptional convenience, an immersive ownership experience, and clear communication, in line with Lexus’ core values. Supported by the Guest Experience Centre, Lexus Brand Space, and dedicated support executives, it adds a touch of Omotenashi to ensure extraordinary experiences.

With 23 touchpoints across 16 cities and the Lexus Virtual Dome, the app further enhances the integrated and reliable ownership experience for all Lexus India guests.

With the ‘Lexus India’ app, guests can easily manage their vehicles, enjoy a hassle-free ownership experience, and fully embrace the Lexus lifestyle by accessing various experiences, news, and events.

Some key features of the app include:

  • SOS e/b call: In the event of an accident or sudden illness, guests can connect to a dedicated operator at the 24/7 Lexus Emergency Call Centre by manually pressing the E-call SOS button available on the overhead console.
  • Automatic collision notification: If a crash occurs and the airbags deploy, the vehicle will automatically initiate a voice call to the 24/7 Lexus Emergency Call Centre.
  • Remote climate control: Guests can remotely control the vehicle’s climate settings using the Lexus India app.
  • Remote ventilation: The app enables remote ventilation of the front seats.
    24/7 Roadside Assistance: Guests can easily connect to Lexus Roadside Assistance through the app for expert help.
  • Driver or chauffeur alert: Receive notifications if the vehicle leaves designated areas, exceeds the speed limit, or if seatbelts are not fastened.
  • Remote immobilization: Users can request the engine to be prohibited from restarting if the vehicle falls into the wrong hands.
  • Service History & Estimate: Access the vehicle’s past service history and obtain service estimates.


The Lexus India app is available for download on App Store, Google Play Store, and is compatible with smartwatches and voice assistants. While all Lexus guests can install the app, the available features may vary depending on the model, as stated by the company.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Naveen Soni, President, Lexus India said,

In today’s age of rapid digital integration, smartphones and smart wearables are the direct route to keeping our guests connected with their car, family, and Lexus. The Lexus India app rewards our guests with exclusive access at the click of a button for a smooth ownership experience.

With just a few simple taps, guests can remotely start their vehicle and enjoy the added convenience of profiles. We’re excited to continue growing the app and engaging with our guests for feedback on additional features they’d like to see.