Latest Truecaller For iPhone Update Brings Significant Improvements To Spam Detection

Truecaller has updated its iOS app that brings several improvements, and offers 10 times improved spam and business detection compared to the previous version. The latest iOS version of Truecaller been completely re-written from the ground up to be lighter (smaller app size of up to 50% compared to previous versions in some devices and iOS versions), more efficient (works faster, even on the older iPhone 6S), and more helpful in identifying relevant callers and text senders.

This is achieved with an all-new architecture that can more effectively take advantage of CallKit, Apple’s own technology framework designed specifically for calling apps, which was first integrated into Truecaller in 2016.

Live caller ID on the Truecaller iOS app has not worked for iPhone users reliably until now, and the company decided to focus on this issue with the latest update.

Alan Mamedi, Co-founder and CEO of Truecaller, said that they have been working closely with Apple and realised the only way to solve this problem for their iOS users was to discard all the old code and completely rewrite the app.

The latest version also includes an enhanced detail view when you search numbers to provide more relevant information about any searched number, a redesigned search extension that lets you just tap on ‘Share Contact’ and then ‘Search via Truecaller’ to quickly see who called you.

There is a new premium purchase flow with easier feature comparisons for paid subscribers. The update also reduces app startup time and battery consumption.


Highlights of Truecaller 12 for iOS

  • 10x better Caller ID, 10x better protection against spam and scam
  • Smoother and faster onboarding for new users
  • Enhanced detail view when you search for numbers
  • New Premium subscription experience with easier feature comparisons
  • Easier number lookup without opening the app! (from Phone > Recents > Info on number > Share Contact > Search Truecaller)


Truecaller is working on new features for iOS, including:

  • More precise SMS filtering that works completely offline (Truecaller will also soon auto-categorize all finance SMS, promotions, online orders, and travel updates)
  • Automatic blocking of top spammers
  • Detailed statistics on spam marked numbers
  • View comments on spam marked numbers for additional context
  • Redesigned widget for even faster number search

Truecaller has removed Truecaller Chat, Truecaller Voice and Contact Requests that are not being used much by iOS users and focus on the core features: Caller ID and search.

Before updating the app, users need to take a backup of your Truecaller Chat history by going to specific conversations and saving necessary media or taking screenshots.