Kangana Ranaut Takes A Swipe At Priyanka Chopra Jonas “pay parity”

Kangana Ranaut takes a swipe at Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ “pay parity” revelation in Bollywood; says, Most A listers (women) films for free along offering other’ favours

In a recent development, the topic of pay parity in Bollywood has once again come to the forefront with Priyanka Chopra Jonas revealed about her experience with pay disparity. Following her statement, Kangana Ranaut took to social media to express her views on the matter. Kangana claimed that she was the first actor in the industry to fight for pay parity and shed light on the ongoing issue of female actors working for free.

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Kangana also claimed that even in the present times, many female actors in Bollywood continue to do films without receiving any remuneration and on top of that are compelled to give ‘other’ favours.

In an interview with BBC, Priyanka Chopra revealed about receiving equal pay for her role in her recent series Citadel which marked a significant milestone in her 22-year-long-acting career. She said, “I would get paid about 10 per cent of my male co-actor. It (the pay gap) is substantially large and so many girls still deal with that.” Reacting to her statement, Kangana took to her Instagram Story and wrote, “It’s true women before me simply submitted to these patriarchal norms… I was the first one to fight for pay parity and most disgusting thing that I faced while doing this that my contemporaries offered to work for free on the same roles that I was negotiating for… I can say with confidence most A listers (women) do films for free along with offering other favours because they fear roles will go to the right people… and then shrewdly release articles that they are highest paid ha ha… In the film industry everyone knows that I only get paid like male actors and no one else… and they have no one else to blame at least now…”

Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who were honoured with National Film Awards for their roles in the 2008 movie Fashion, had the opportunity to work together on-screen. They have also worked together in Krrish 3.