Jio MG Motor India partner For Hinglish In Car Voice experience Comet EV

Jio MG Motor India partner For Hinglish In Car Voice experience Comet EV

Jio MG Motor India partner For Hinglish In Car Voice experience Comet EV

MG Motor India has introduced a wide range of innovative connected car features through a collaboration with Jio Platforms, a prominent digital services provider in India.

The partnership brings together Hinglish Voice Assistant capabilities from Jio’s Digital Assets and the newly launched Comet EV by MG Motor India, creating a seamless and smart electric vehicle experience.

MG Motor India has consistently been at the forefront of auto-tech innovation since its inception in the Indian market. They introduced several pioneering features in the country, including the first internet-connected car (MG Hector), the first pure-electric internet SUV (MG ZS EV), and the Gloster with Level 1 Autonomous features.

Innovative Hinglish Voice Assistant System

Jio brings next-generation automotive solutions, including India’s first-ever Hinglish Voice Assistant system, integrated with various apps such as music and payment apps, as well as a robust connectivity platform and hardware. MG Comet EV customers can now enjoy these innovative assets for an enhanced in-car experience.

Enhanced In-Car Voice Assistant

The embedded Hello Jio Voice Assistant is specifically trained to understand different regional dialects and tonalities across India. Hello Jio provides the best in-car voice assistant experience for Indian users, offering information on domains like cricket, weather, news, horoscope, and more. Users can control their vehicle by simply using voice commands, such as turning the AC on or off, playing songs, and even asking for cricket scores.

State-of-the-Art eSIM Integration

MG Comet EV is equipped with Jio’s state-of-the-art eSIM, which enhances vehicle safety by being integrated during the manufacturing process. This eSIM identifies the vehicle and encrypts communications while the vehicle is in operation, ensuring secure and efficient connectivity.

Commenting on the partnership, Gaurav Gupta, Deputy Managing Director, MG Motor India, said:

In the automobile industry, technology and innovation are driving the connected car space. The current trend is shifting towards software-driven devices, and our partnership with tech innovator Jio in the Smart Mobility space positions MG Motor as a tech leader.

Our collaboration with Jio on the newly launched MG Comet EV will provide GenZ customers with an enriched driving experience, backed by cutting-edge technology for safety and in-car experiences.

Speaking on the announcement, Ashish Lodha, President, Jio Platforms, said:

Jio is committed to creating an ecosystem of advanced technology products and solutions for Indian users. Our ongoing partnership with MG Motor India is a significant step in this journey.

With features such as HelloJio Voice Assistant, Streaming, Payment Apps, eSIM, and Jio IOT, MG users can enjoy real-time connectivity, infotainment, and connected car experiences with the added ability to ‘Talk to your car’. This is our commitment to driving technological evolution in the automobile industry with innovation at its core.