IPL 2023 Final Picture of Ziva Dhoni Praying Ahead CSK vs GT Goes Viral

IPL 2023 final Picture of Ziva Dhoni praying ahead CSK vs GT goes viral netizens say her prayers were heard

What a match and what an historic and incredible win! It was fate that decided Chennai Super Kings’ win last night in the finale against Gujarat Titles, and one will remember till eternity that last ball where it needed 4 runs for a win. Many lost their hopes, but boy, tables were turned around and CSK was announced as the winner, and the CSK win couldn’t contain their excitement, and right now as the fans and the entire cricket community are congratulating MS Dhoni for this classic win, this one picture of Ziva Dhoni is going viral. Fans are in awe of Ziva and cannot get over this adorable picture of her praying for her papa’s win.

Before the match began, Ziva was seen praying wholeheartedly for the victory of her dad, MS Dhoni, as it was his last match as a player on the ground, and her prayers were heard. The netizens are lauding this picture of Ziva Dhoni, calling it the cutest thing ever, and claiming that the little one’s prayers were heard. Ziva was later seen joining her superstar daddy Dhoni for the celebrations as he holds the trophy on the ground.

Watch the video of Vicky Kaushal expressing his excitement as Chennai Super Kings wins the IPL 2023 match.

While talking about the historic win apart from the team, one more person looked super elated with the win: Vicky Kaushal, who had reached Gujarat to witness this historic match, and his reaction was priceless after seeing the win of the Chennai Super Kings in the last ball by GT.