iPhone 15 And iPhone 16 could get UWB Wi-Fi 7 Upgrades For Vision Pro

iPhone 15 And iPhone 16 could get UWB Wi-Fi 7 Upgrades For Vision Pro

According to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is focused on enhancing the integration between the iPhone and its Vision Pro platform.

Kuo highlights that upgrading hardware specifications is a crucial aspect of building a competitive ecosystem around Vision Pro. Specifically, Wi-Fi and UWB (Ultra Wideband) are significant components.

iPhone 15 to feature upgraded Ultra Wideband chip

As part of Apple’s efforts to strengthen the Vision Pro ecosystem, the upcoming iPhone 15 is expected to receive a significant hardware upgrade, particularly with the Ultra Wideband chip. Kuo suggests that the iPhone 15 will employ a more efficient and reliable version of the U1 chip, utilizing advanced 7nm production technology. This enhancement aims to improve performance and reduce power consumption for nearby interactions.

The U1 chip, initially introduced in the iPhone 11, has played a vital role in various Apple products and features. Kuo asserts that an upgraded version of the U1 chip will not only enhance the performance of features like Find My, Handoff, and AirDrop, but also facilitate seamless integration between Vision Pro and other Apple devices.

JCET’s future benefits and chiplet design in AI accelerators

Kuo predicts that JCET, a leading chiplet solution provider, will enjoy increased gross margin and profit through the iPhone 15’s UWB process upgrade. Furthermore, Kuo anticipates the growing adoption of chiplet design in AI accelerators, citing AMD’s MI300 series and the upcoming Nvidia H100 successor. JCET stands to benefit from chiplet becoming the mainstream design solution in the long run.

iPhone 16 to introduce Wi-Fi 7 for enhanced ecosystem experience

Looking ahead, Kuo reveals that the iPhone 16 will be the first Apple device to support Wi-Fi 7 technology. This upgrade will provide faster transfer speeds and improved data throughput, which aligns with the Wi-Fi Alliance’s emphasis on enhancing virtual and augmented reality experiences. Apple intends to leverage Wi-Fi 7 to create a more seamless ecosystem for its hardware products operating on the same local network.