iPhone 14 Pro Always on Display Hinted in Xcode 14 Beta

iPhone 14 Pro Always on Display Hinted in Xcode 14 Beta

According to rumours, the future iPhone 14 Pro models will include an always-on display capability similar to that found in the Apple Watch. The most recent Xcode 14 beta may contain insights as to what this always-on display would feature.

As MacRumors contributor Steve Moser reported on Twitter, the Xcode 14 beta has an intriguing Lock Screen interface that removes specifics from an on-screen widget when the screen is awake. The animation suggests that while the iPhone is locked and the Always On display is turned on, the iPhone 14 Pro models might remove minute details from widgets as well as other lock screen content.

Additionally, the SwiftUI preview, which enables developers to interact with their app projects in real time, has a new behavior that may be connected to the always-on display, as pointed out by iOS developer @rhogelleim. The redesigned lock screen widgets turn semitransparent, as well as the clock stays visible once the developer replicates the process of turning off the device. Also, the latest iOS 16 beta hints at a “sleep” state for wallpapers, revealing more detail on the always-on display. “Sleep” wallpapers are darker and fade out bright colors to save battery life on always-on displays.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are likely to be the only models with always-on display capabilities because they will feature the required display technology. According to rumours, the refresh rates of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will range from 1Hz to 120Hz, which is an upgrade over the 10Hz to 120Hz refresh rates offered by the iPhone 13 Pro devices.