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Instagram’s Threads App Now Available Download

Instagram’s Threads App Now Available Download

Instagram’s Threads App Now Available Download

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, announced Threads, an app created by the Instagram team, after rumours. It provides a separate space for sharing text-based content and engaging in real-time conversations. Threads caters to both creators and casual users, offering a unique experience.

Seamless Integration with Instagram

‘Threads’ is easily accessible by logging in with your Instagram account. Your Instagram username and verification will be transferred automatically, and you have the option to customize your Threads profile separately.

Enhanced Accessibility and Content Variety
Threads retains the core accessibility features of Instagram, including screen reader support and AI-generated image descriptions. The app supports text posts of up to 500 characters, along with the inclusion of links, photos, and videos of up to 5 minutes in duration. Sharing Threads posts to your Instagram story or other platforms is also made simple through provided options.

Positive Conversations and Personalized Control

Meta built Threads with tools that promote positive and productive conversations. Users have control over who can mention and reply to their posts. Filtering options are available to hide replies containing specific words. Blocking, restricting, and reporting profiles can be done easily through the three-dot menu.

Safety and Community Guidelines

Threads upholds Instagram’s Community Guidelines, ensuring a safe environment for users. Meta’s extensive investments in user protection and integrity efforts reinforce their commitment to maintaining a secure platform.

Compatibility with Interoperable Networks

Meta plans to make Threads compatible with ActivityPub, an open social networking protocol by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This compatibility enables interaction with other apps supporting ActivityPub, like Mastodon and WordPress. Such integration creates new connections and expands networks beyond traditional social apps.

User Control and Future Transferability

Meta aims to provide users with greater control over their Threads audience. They are collaborating with ActivityPub to offer the option of migrating content to another service and discontinuing Threads usage. This vision fosters diverse and interconnected networks, allowing seamless interaction between compatible apps.

Benefits of Open Social Networking Protocols

Open social networking protocols, like ActivityPub, offer more than just following capabilities. They empower developers to create innovative features that integrate seamlessly with other open social networks.

Each compatible app can establish its own community standards and content moderation policies, granting users the freedom to choose spaces that align with their values. Meta believes this decentralized approach will shape the future of online platforms, similar to email and web protocols.

Threads marks Meta’s first app designed to be compatible with an open social networking protocol. By joining this growing ecosystem of interoperable services, Threads aims to help users discover and connect with their communities, regardless of the app they use.


Meta has officially launched the Threads app worldwide, expanding its availability to over 100 countries. Users in these countries can now download the app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Commenting on the introduction of Threads, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Meta, said:

Instagram connects billions of people worldwide through photos and videos. Our goal with Threads is to extend this connection to text, providing a positive and imaginative space for self-expression.

With Threads, you can follow and engage with friends and creators who share your interests, including those you follow on Instagram and beyond, while utilizing our existing safety and user controls.

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